3 things

3 things I’ve been obsessed with this month: Maison de Senteurs hand cream. I have never found any hand cream that does the job properly but this stuff is amazing. Thick, moisturising and luxurious, I got the olive oil one and keeps my hands softer for longer. At the moment my hands are like sandpaper […]

Preppy inspiration

Recently I’ve loved (warning, preppiness ahead): This outfit that combines checks and red. How predictable am I? This outfit that combines checks and yellow. I’m sensing a theme here. Of course I love a polka dot, especially in a suit form.

The ultimate showpiece

Some people have paintings, drawings and pieces of art on their walls. I’m a novice about art and am quite uncultured about it, I admit. I choose to have a piece of clothing to display instead. I have just about enough wall space but am caituous of comiiting a nail to the wall. This gorgeous […]

It’s so 2009

I remember the shorts and tights look which has been popular for about a decade, I saw it on the streets and all over Lookbook since around 2008 to about 2012. Recently I got this wide legged checked pair of shorts at a vintage shop in Groningen and was thinking about which tops to wear […]

Boots galore

I can never get enough of ankle boots. I like to wear them most days. To me, they are like how other women like heels. So many colours and styles to buy and wear and enjoy. I bought 3 pairs recently which is unusual behaviour for me but I consider all of them to be […]