Current favourites

Some accessorises that I’m liking recently: Laces. I love these heart print laces from Camden market years ago but the shoes I’d laced them to hadn’t been worn in a couple of years. I wore them recently and took out the fun laces for sensible black ones for the occasion and laced up my new […]

Perfume picks

I wear perfume everyday and my taste in perfume varies depending on what I feel like wearing. I like sweet, cool and fresh and a little bit spicy. My grown up girl perfume was when I was in sixth form, the first one I bought myself. I picked up a bottle of Christina Aguilera’s original perfume […]

Mothers day

Today is mother’s day. This year I’ve started a tradition. On anniversaries to do with my mum I wear one of her rings and a splash of red lipstick, she didn’t wear it herself but liked it on me (today I wore lost by Colourpop liquid lipstick). This is my way of thinking of her. […]

Lilac Spring

I did a clear out of all of the coats I owned that I used to wear almost to death a few years ago and now not anymore. Anything that didn’t fit went. This clear out was prompted by me bringing home the best swap I’ve had recently, another coat. Something pastel and lilac. Now […]

Retro style clothes for the everyday

Using a selection of some of my vintage and retro items, here are some ideas for everyday wear: Flared trousers, preferably high waisted. Some people hate them and they can look dated but worn in balance with other items, they can look amazing. The jeans are from Topvintage and the trousers are from a vintage sale. […]

How to balance retro with modern

When people think of vintage or retro style, it’s easy to think of unattainable pinups roaming the streets. But as I’ve specified before, you don’t need to be full on about it. Here are a couple of ways to dress with a retro twist: This kind of outfit is a favourite of mine. Wide leg/flared […]

Korean fashion

I love Korean fashion and buy from the most out of any fashion retailer.  It is rather a cute and sweet style and I run the danger of looking like a 12 year old cupcake so I mix and match to make sure it’s not looking too juvenile. The cute clothes I own are […]