Some new loves

So I’ve been very lucky this year and scored three holidays in three and a half months. I’ve tried to work with a holiday capsule wardrobe and not liked it one bit. I do need more choice and a traditional capsule just isn’t going to cut it. I also can’t go abroad and not pick […]

Current loves

Currently obsessed with: The Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries box set. I’m avidly awaiting the feature length film (give it a few years). I adore this series and got a bit of style inspiration between both Miss Fisher and Doctor Mac. On a side note, just can’t get enough of Jack and Phryne. More please MORE. […]

Woes of a stylish person

So on reading this blog post… I relate to a lot of it. While I’m not famous all over the blogging world for it/not a trend influencer, I am considered to be very stylish among my friends. Which is good enough for me. I have great taste in style, you will disagree if it’s not […]

Summer dress dupe

I’ve been after a blue polka dot Summer dress for a while and thought that the latest offering from H&M would be the answer. Upon trying it on, not one size fitted me which gave me sadface. It was almost everything that I wanted in a dress but it was not to be. Despairing, I […]

Dear old Queenie

Queen Elizabeth’s┬ástyle stakes have been raised very high since the beginning. Although she favours a classic style (and admittedly frumpy hairstyle) and wears the same kind of thing every time, she still manages to make a style statement with her bold shades and matchy matchy-ness. Brooches and brights and hats, oh my! (Excerpt taken from […]

What’s in my bag

The blogging world has done this post for years so I suppose I’ll do it too. I’m almost always late to a trend (unless it’s wearing burgundy lipstick with yellow which J.Lo’s stylist stole from me or just yellow in general which I did long before everyone else). This is my bag and what’s in […]

More stuff

I feel like I did fairly well this year but recently I fell off my pedestal on my holiday and picked up some new things just before it: These cute kitty socks from Camden were asking to come home with me. So I obliged. Oh so predictable me got this stunner at a stall. Floral […]