Little red riding hood

I’ve always wanted a little red riding hood coat. Thanks to Yesstyle, I now have it. Thank you recommended items. I don’t normally fall for those but how can I resist this? Advertisements

It’s so 2009

I remember the shorts and tights look which has been popular for about a decade, I saw it on the streets and all over Lookbook since around 2008 to about 2012. Recently I got this wide legged checked pair of shorts at a vintage shop in Groningen and was thinking about which tops to wear […]

Boots galore

I can never get enough of ankle boots. I like to wear them most days. To me, they are like how other women like heels. So many colours and styles to buy and wear and enjoy. I bought 3 pairs recently which is unusual behaviour for me but I consider all of them to be […]

Colour combination: Grey & yellow

One of my favourite colour combinations just has to be grey and yellow, a gorgeously soft and striking mix and very underrated. Less harsh than black and just as good as a neutral, I’m a big fan of grey. It appeals to my love of preppy. Soft yellow and grey makes for a lovely combination […]

Style trick

When I was holiday I bought some pretty pairs of earrings from C&A. I always check C&A out because we don’t have this store anymore and I came away with some sparkly beauties. Well those things ripped my ears to bits and I had to go without earrings for half of my holiday while it […]

A week in lipstick

Last week my working week looked like this: Monday – From Hema in the shade 10 (dark berry) Tuesday – From Meet Matt Hughes in the shade charming (mauve nude) Wednesday – From 3CE in the shade smoked rose (burnt orange) Thursday – From Sephora in the shade 01 (bright red) Sunday – From Mattisim […]