Work week

My work week went as follows: Monday Started off the week with a screaming highlighter orange dress. Worn with a cropped jumper on top. I call this the Sunday school look Tuesday Sparkly tights to go with a woollen skirt and a yellow bow sleeved top Wednesday  Back to grey and yellow, one of my […]

Lip tints

In the last couple of months I’ve been intrigued by yet more Korean cosmetics and moved onto lip tints. My previous experience with lip tints have been distinctly underwhelming with pale watery juice barely making a stain on my lips, let alone lasting. K-Cosmetics to the rescue! Etude House, Saem and Peripera have all graced […]

What people wear

I’m back with 3 more links to fabulous outfits: Of course I’m going to love a grey and yellow outfit. Hello Kitty and polka dots, this is my younger self’s dream outfit. I love the colour of the boots even though I don’t like the style and this is something I’d easily modify slightly to […]

3 links

Today I’m inspired by these wonderful outfits: The second coming of Marlene Dietrich. The garconne style. Of course I love it This outfit has the elements of yellow, checked and bootcut, what’s not to love? Hello Kitty and polka dots, this is my younger self’s dream outfit. I love the colour of the boots even though […]


What I wore to work this week: Monday This cheerfully splashed dress has a neckline that I’m not sure suits me and it’s cold outside anyway so I wore it with a grey cropped jumper on top. I think it looks coordinated enough. Tuesday I kept it simple with this pretty green and leatherette heart […]

What to wear to work

My new job means that I get to wear whatever I want. So of course I’m going to be completely overdressed because that’s just what I do. Here are last week’s outfits: Monday A grey knitted dress and a pair of pink tights. Tuesday An orange knitted dress and a pair of houndstooth tights. Wednesday  […]


Every few months I do this thing where I declutter my wardrobe and then solder items together to make Franken-clothes. Much like Doctor Frankenstein, I like putting pieces together to make some finished result, wonky or otherwise. I made a few alterations to some clothes at the beginning of the year and they weren’t very […]