Recent finds

My recent favourite finds:

  • I was tempted by a range of fun patterned colourful shirts on a stall in Camden Market but after a lot of searching, I eventually went with the safe option. Polka dot of course but decided on a colour I don’t normally wear, pastel green. I wear it as displayed on the hanger with the rolled sleeves and knotted tails.
  • I love 90s TV programmes in all of its ridiculous glory; people bellowing into mobile phones the size of bricks while they’re driving, car doors never being locked, the grungy long layers, the tacky oversized earrings (Maddy Magellan in Jonathan Creek anyone?), dial up internet, computers the size of spaceships, etc. So I took a chance on the series Chandler & Co about 2 female private detectives. I’m enjoying it so far.
  • Escada Sorbetto Rosso is my latest perfume find, a sweet and sour watermelon and cherry scent that I suspect might be a bit sickly in Summer but is gorgeous and fruitily fresh in Winter.



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