Recent finds

What do you mean it’s March already? Oh go then, let’s delve into my recent finds:

  • I saw a market stall in Camden with an array of fun patterned shirts but after perusing the selection I just didn’t feel like I would wear any of them enough. So I picked out a predictable pattern with an unpredictable colour, polka dots in a pastel green. I like to wear it as per the hanger, sleeves and tails rolled up for a 50’s style.
  • Escada Sorbetto Rosso is my latest perfume pick, it’s a concoction of sweet and sour watermelon and cherry. I suspect it’s a bit sickly in Summer but in Winter it’s fruitily fresh.
  • I love 90s TV shows; people bellowing into mobile phones the size of bricks while driving, dial up internet, computers the size of spaceships, casual references to Princess Diana and Woolworths, VHS, the way that nobody ever locks their car, grungy long layered outfits and tacky earrings (Maddy Magellan in Jonathan Creek, anyone?). So I took a chance on the boxset of Chandler & Co, a short lived private detective series from 1995. Ah the glorious 90s and the stories aren’t so bad either.



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