Lip tints

In the last couple of months I’ve been intrigued by yet more Korean cosmetics and moved onto lip tints. My previous experience with lip tints have been distinctly underwhelming with pale watery juice barely making a stain on my lips, let alone lasting. K-Cosmetics to the rescue! Etude House, Saem and Peripera have all graced my makeup box through last month (several shades of each have been bought) and I’m really quite happy with them. The texture of most of them are a water gel which is different to the usual just water concoction. They stay on the lips for a while (downside being they stick to dry patches) and give a nice burst of colour. The ink velvet lip tint is different, it’s a mousse texture that dries down to a shade that looks like your lips have been matte airbrushed. It does wear off much faster than the others though. All of the packaging is wonderful as K-cosmetics always are. I’m looking forward to buying more and utilising them on my travels this year.



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