Every few months I do this thing where I declutter my wardrobe and then solder items together to make Franken-clothes. Much like Doctor Frankenstein, I like putting pieces together to make some finished result, wonky or otherwise. I made a few alterations to some clothes at the beginning of the year and they weren’t very good and even though I wore them, it didn’t fit as I had hoped. Recently I had to chop the legs off a gingham playsuit I loved because I altered the legs and they were’t comfortable anymore even if they did look slightly more flattering. I was going to wear it as a top but then I remembered an itchy sparkly jumpsuit which I lopped the top off and combined them to make a Franken-jumpsuit. It looks really 90s but I do love the 90s so I’m not bothered. I got rid of garments that didn’t fit right and created a new one that can be worn more often.


Not too shabby methinks.



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