3 things

3 things I’ve been obsessed with this month:

  1. Maison de Senteurs hand cream. I have never found any hand cream that does the job properly but this stuff is amazing. Thick, moisturising and luxurious, I got the olive oil one and keeps my hands softer for longer. At the moment my hands are like sandpaper after work and this is the perfect solution as well as being easy on the wallet.
  2. HEMA lipsticks. They are marketed as lip balms but they are a bit drying after a while and heavily pigmented so they are lipsticks to me. These cheap and cheerful beauties are the crayons of my dreams. Count them as 1 item although I’m displaying them both.
  3. Going along the lines of crayons, this fresh cotton scent solid perfume crayon (Yesstyle) is a geius concept. Just rub where you want the scent to be and you smell delicious for a short amount of time. Can’t recommend them more.



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