It’s so 2009

I remember the shorts and tights look which has been popular for about a decade, I saw it on the streets and all over Lookbook since around 2008 to about 2012. Recently I got this wide legged checked pair of shorts at a vintage shop in Groningen and was thinking about which tops to wear with it. I love the trend but as I’m not fond of my legs, hesitated over the idea. Bought them anyway, I’m a sucker for winter shorts and the other ones in the shop didn’t fit me.

I was going to see Matilda the musical for a birthday present and wanted to dress up of course. But I was stuck on what to wear and I had half an hour to go before I left. I ended up grabbing this hi-lo hem Zara top which I got for my birthday a couple of years ago, one that I purged of its long sleeves and built in necklace. I don’t wear it often as the sparkly pencil skirt I used to wear it with has left my wardrobe and I didn’t want to wear trousers but this top doesn’t work with my usual circle skirts. I pulled out the shorts and tried them on and the universe must have aligned because it was perfect. I continued dressing it up with a man face necklace, a pair of striped tights and the new Lola Ramona boots I got for my birthday a couple of weeks earlier. I don’t usually wear monochrome, it feels weird to me to be wearing manly black instead of some colour but it made a nice change and unlike my actual birthday outfit, was entirely not me. It made a lovely change. My trusty red lipstick was slapped on of course and off I went. I didn’t stumble once in these boots although they don’t have a platform which made my ankles ache a little but for an outfit worn for a few hours, it was a splendid combination.




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