Summer dress dupe

I’ve been after a blue polka dot Summer dress for a while and thought that the latest offering from H&M would be the answer. Upon trying it on, not one size fitted me which gave me sadface. It was almost everything that I wanted in a dress but it was not to be. Despairing, I issued a plea to the online community if anyone know of any fabric similar that I could attempt to make it from. After a few false starts, I ended up with pale blue cotton with navy polka dots, somewhat similar  to what I wanted, even though it wasn’t exactly the shade of blue I was after. Nor was the top part in any way similar to the dress but I went with what I know. It took me a while but I blagged my way through the sewing and here it is. It is in fact loose fitting and drop waited, not the look I was going for but I’m happy with this first proper dress I’ve made.



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