What’s in my bag

The blogging world has done this post for years so I suppose I’ll do it too. I’m almost always late to a trend (unless it’s wearing burgundy lipstick with yellow which J.Lo’s stylist stole from me or just yellow in general which I did long before everyone else). This is my bag and what’s in it:


In no particular order, my bag (from Amazon) is filled with all kinds of useful things. Not just a mirror, tin of chewing gum, a stash of pantyliners, keys and travel soap (in my Moomin cosmetics bag), I always have a book (again late to the time travellers wife), a lipstick, pen, perfume and more unusual things like a fan (much needed on the London underground) and a bottle opener which is part of my work uniform. Kind of like a penknife, it comes in handy at times.


The emperor’s new groove  necklace I got from Hyper Japan is a lovely addition to the bag.


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