More stuff

I feel like I did fairly well this year but recently I fell off my pedestal on my holiday and picked up some new things just before it:


These cute kitty socks from Camden were asking to come home with me. So I obliged.


Oh so predictable me got this stunner at a stall. Floral and full skirted, how very me. It looks like a Summer dress but is actually made of thick material, making it perfect to brighten up the colder months, just the way I like it.


This one was totally unintentional but it usually is when I go to a swap. Nothing I got stands out as much as this jacket. Velvet collar, structured shoulders, too lovely to pass up. Of course I didn’t.

I got a gift voucher and used it to plunder Amazon and when the options for Studio Ghibli and moomin socks turned up in a similar search, I hit click because in all of my extensive sock cave, I don’t have anything like these.


I bet you don’t either.



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