Recent haul

So recently I went to Bordeaux. I told myself I wouldn’t do much shopping as I only had half a day free anyway and should do some cultural stuff. Well I did some cultural stuff. That didn’t take up as much as time as it should. I had plenty of time to do whatever afterwards and as I am a fast eater, delegated lunch to be had later. Of course the route to the cultural stuff was paved with 20 minutes walk of commercial activity. Shops. On each side accompanying you to wherever you think you’ll go for longer than an hour. Nope. I saw Sephora on the way back and had to check it out. I promptly broke my lipstick ban and bought a couple of shades in the Sephora range as mine had almost run out. Replacements don’t count do they? I picked up some half priced cotton flower shower gel (the geisha bottle was too difficult to pass up) and ended up surfing the shops and coming out with some stuff. It all fitted in my suitcase thankfully, most of which I was looking out for, for a while so I’m glad I got some bargains:


Ok I can’t justify this purchase. ANOTHER PAIR OF GINGHAM TROUSERS (from Camaieu). I have a problem I admit. I also looked at a pair of polka dot ones (problems I tell you) but the style wasn’t my thing so just as well that I left it. This one though, I can’t resist. I need rehab or something.


Moving onto the other pairs. I love the style of these but was put off by the dusky pink shade which isn’t my colour. However, I convinced myself that it would go with all of my neutral coloured tops (as it can be counted as similar to red/orange) and I rarely wear them anyway because I like to have a colour in an outfit. So straight off to the till it went.


This one was a real bargain, 10 euros for the cinnamon shade I wanted in a pair of trousers for a long time. So glad I found it in my size as there were only a couple left. MINE.


A yellow striped t-shirt (from Pimkie). 8 euros, simple and what I wanted.


I told you I have problems don’t I? It’s like I’m programmed towards sparkly socks. As soon as my friends saw those they tutted at me and sharpened their pitchforks. I have some new ones (non sparkly this time) coming to me via a gift voucher and of course I’ll post them on here for you to admire and judge me for my exceptional materialism towards all of the pairs of socks in the world. I was minding my own business just waiting for the till with the t-shirt and there they were. For the same price as the t-shirt. I picked them up and mulled it over but in the end the queue moved and I ended up getting them, as you do. I can’t say I regret it. My Autumn and Winter days will be filled with joyful sparkly socks as I now have enough to fill an actual sock drawer with them (they currently reside in a cubby hole in my wardrobe). Not pictured are the glitter tattoos I got to decorate my arms with for the wedding. Last minute half price buy of course. I couldn’t resist could I?



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