What to pack for a brief holiday

This week I’ll be easyjetting off to Bordeaux for another wedding. This will be a very quick job involving travelling 2 days of the trip with the wedding sandwiched in between so my luggage has to be very light. I’ve put together what I’ll be wearing while I’m there. Not included are the obvious underwear, pyjamas, toiletries and accessories. I will be rolling most of the clothes up but packing it this way just for the picture shows it off a bit better just for the blog.


To be worn everyday: the floral trousers (at the top) and a pair of canvas shoes not pictured. These will take up less space and ensure I’m not over packing. I’ve chosen a lightweight pair that will be comfortable on the plane and while is my trademark statement, is neutral enough to go with everything. It took me a while to think about the jacket I will be taking and ended up choosing this polka dot tie sleeve jacket (from Dorothy Perkins) which is formal but fun enough for the wedding. A few tops are chucked in there plus my all important wedding outfit. This beloved turquoise dress (at the top) you’ve seen countless times, especially for anything wedding related but I never miss an opportunity to wear it as it is the only dress to have survived my repro vintage cull of the previous year. I’m dying to wear these red heels for the first time (I have them in silver) so can I twirl around in my outfit without tripping up.


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