Socks, socks everywhere

Just like tights, I adore socks. Give me fun socks for my birthday and I’m happy. Seriously, one of my favourite birthday presents was the biggest jar of olives in olive history and 3 pairs of animal socks. I was so happy. I promise I’m not a relation of Dobby. I just love socks.

Here are some of my favourites to brighten up an outfit:


  • Fishnets. I love wearing fine mesh fishnets with 3/4 length trousers. It helps to disguised unwaxed legs and provide ventilation at the same time too. Paired with brogues/flats and they’ll give any outfit a lift.
  • Novelty. I’ve got it covered with various animal and Christmas socks. Such fun and a great way to wear novelty without a kitschy Christmas jumper. A flash of red sock is always a winner.
  • Sparkly. As if I wasn’t going to include anything sparkly. You should know me better by now. Again, a hint of sparkle flashing at your ankles is a brilliant way to add a bit of fun with your outfit.
  • Ruffles. I understand that it looks childish but for me it’s fun. A ruffled pair of socks is cute with a pair of trainers/brogues.

Now the eternal question. socks with heels/sandals? Yay or nay? First off, socks and Birkenstocks are never acceptable. With trousers it’s an absolute yay. I love heels and socks together with a trousered outfit, it gives your outfit another bit of fun. With dresses, I don’t think it looks good. Too Dorothy for me. How do you stand in the socks and heels question?


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