Shopping haul

Recently I went on a bit of a shopping spree. A lot of a shopping spree. Blame payday, I always get a bit over excited. Anyway, I went proper shopping and I can’t say I regret it too much. Sometimes a bit of filthy consumerism soothes the soul. With that, I also had to alter a lot of my purchases so I worked hard in restoring these items to wearability which makes me never want to get rid of them.


I got this red jumpsuit off Yesstyle for around £25 and had to alter quite a bit, the plunging oddly spaced neckline (accessorised with a broken earring) and the drowning lengths of the wide leg. I looked on YouTube for a tutorial on how to slim them to straight leg, tentatively followed the instructions and managed to come out with a better fitting jumpsuit. Brownie points to me. Did I mention I got it primarily because of the lovely fluttery sleeves? Look at those beauties.


You might have known this was coming. I promise I’ll lay off the polka dot trousers now that I have a billion pairs but I’m not always good at keeping my promises. I dragged my friends off to the magical world of Monki (not their style) and left them to pick halfheartedly at a pile of whimsical playful prints while I pranced around like a unicorn on crack, loading my arms with funky socks and picking up stuff they would never wear. These utility trousers which you might have guessed is one of my favourite styles are delicately polka dotted and will go with anything. At £20, I didn’t expect to find it on the high street for the taking but who am I to say no?


Moving on to Urban Outfitters, a place I’d never set foot in until this year, I spotted these yellow and grey checked trousers for a price I couldn’t afford at the time. I looked longingly at them until it was time to go. Fast forward a few months and I wandered in again at a different shop not expecting to see them but wondering just in case and there they were waiting for me. With a £8 price drop. At £46 they are still very expensive for my usual spend but I got them anyway. I was still madly keen on them after all that time and sometimes there’s no better reason to get something.


Onto Beyond Retro. I hesitated a bit because even though I love the place, it can get a bit expensive. I spend a lot of time when I visit because I need to check for stains that can be removed and make sure I can alter things for the price that I’m paying. I tried on a lot of things but I kept coming back to this gingham playsuit. It was just too big for me but even when I went back another day, it was still there and inviting me to take it home. From experience, items are snapped up quickly and to find it in the same place as before was too much of an invitation. I tried it on again, checked on what I could do to alter it and got it for £26. When I got back home I altered it in the same way as I did with the red jumpsuit on the legs as they were too bloomer type voluminous. It didn’t turn out immaculate but it worked and I’m happy with that. The back was also far too big so I sewed the excess material in a fold on the inside so the back was a lot more streamlined.


Now this I absolutely had no intention of getting. I tried on a lot of 70s maxi dresses and although there were a couple that nearly swayed me, this one got me in the end because it was similar to a dress I wanted to make myself. It was very similar to this dress, that the fabulous Petra Mede wore to one of the Eurovision 2016 semi finals and I love it. The neckline is a v rather than round which I would have preferred but I couldn’t have altered that. What I did alter was of course the length as I am a hobbit, the neckline which was a bit too booby as I don’t have so much space to fill and shortened the sleeves to a less drowning 3/4 length. I also reinforced the seams with a zigzag hem and repaired under the arms. For an hours work, for £31, I considered it to be worth it.


Back to Monki and of course I got socks. I always go straight to their sock section. It was 3 for 2 so I got all of the pairs of sparkly socks I didn’t already have. Which was most of them. But I went over and decided on another couple of pairs to round it out. Some sheer stripy ones and a pair of warm fluffy heart print ones completed the deal.


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