The best of the eras

As I’ve mentioned before, I do love taking inspiration from previous eras. Here are ways to wear a little bit of retro:


This one I find a bit difficult to wear for the everyday so I go with kimono sleeves, t-bar heels and fashion turbans.


For me the glamour of the 40s is the make do and mend trend. Forget the dresses, utility trousers and jumpsuits are the way to go. As fabric was rationed, women went wild on their hairstyles and if an elaborate hairstyle is your thing, then go for it. As it’s not my thing, I leave that and wear the masculine style trousers with red lipstick.


This to me is a versatile decade with the emergence of teenage fashion and subcultures like the teddy girl. I like the swish and flare of circle skirts in particular. For trousers I like 3/4 length with a cropped jumper. A bit of gingham or polka dot in any outfit never fails.


Another decade with varied styles, although I’m not a fan of the 60s as it doesn’t suit me. But I do love tights and socks and the 60s were known for the crazy patterned and coloured tights and socks trend, for which I am thankful for. Not being a leggy person, I find them a fun accessory.


I’m not a big 70s trend lover but flares are cool. I go with bootcut jeans much of the time which is a very flattering style along with the modern version of platform boots.


I’m not one for grunge so obnoxiously bright colour and pattern is on my list of what to wear. An occasional off the shoulder style and some hoop earrings and I’m ready to be retro.



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