Tights upon tights

Some of you love them, some of you hate them. Anyone who knows me knows that tights are one of my absolute favourite things. It enables me to wear skirts and dresses all the time (because I hate my legs) and I can have fun with patterns and colours. I decluttered the other day and about half were tossed. I’ve given up lots of colours that I used to wear because they don’t fit my aesthetic anymore but I’m keeping my absolute favourites along with my usual opaque patterned tights. Here are a selection of my favourites, some of the ones that make more out of an outfit:



  • For the sheer nude option, instead of just plain, go for seamed. It makes every formal dress look well put together and of course as you should know by now, if there is a polka dot option, I’ll take it. Polka dot seamed tights (Pamela Mann) are my fanciest pair and they are magical. I really recommend everyone give them a try.
  • For a black sheer option (very difficult to photograph, sorry) try a pair of vertical striped black tights. Just as dressy as nude.
  • For a coloured option, try a shade of fuchsia. It seems childish and bizarre to sport a pair of ballet gone wild legs but trust me, it’s a winner with black and grey dresses.
  • Some black patterned tights come in handy when you need a little extra something to your outfit. I love heart print and these are ideal.
  • For a Winter party, go for a thick pair of glittery ones. It’ll go with everything and give your outfit some sparkle without being over the top.
  • A Winter staple for me, this houndstooth tights (Topvintage) are neutral but statement and keep me so warm.
  • Winter wouldn’t be complete without some fair isle. I love wearing these with a red skirt/dress and these are ridiculously cosy.

I hope I’ve convinced somebody to give these a go!


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