How to jazz up uniform

So now I’m working again, I’m back to a uniform (boo hiss). Standard white shirt, one of my most hated items of all time but at least I get to wear jeans. Not pictured here are the ugly brown shoes I wear (nobody wants to see that). Nowhere does it say I can’t decorate it a bit.


The only jewellery allowed is earrings so why not make them statement? I don’t mean huge dangly chandelier things, but how about some medium sized hoops or cute novelty studs? My current choice are these rose gold hoops (New Look). You can also get creative with your makeup, typical me I’ll usually wear a bold lipstick to brighten up my day. I also won’t forget one of my favourite things, a splash or two of perfume to top up every couple of hours.


If you do as well, how do you assert your style through the uniform?


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