Current favourites

Some accessorises that I’m liking recently:

  • Laces. I love these heart print laces from Camden market years ago but the shoes I’d laced them to hadn’t been worn in a couple of years. I wore them recently and took out the fun laces for sensible black ones for the occasion and laced up my new Clarks shoes with them instead. Once on, I didn’t want to switch them back. So there they are.
  • Collar clips. I got these nice sparkly ones as a present and have been wearing them a lot when I go out. When I don’t know what necklace to wear, these are just as pretty.
  • Lipstick of the moment. Right now my favourite lipstick is Colourop ultra matte liquid lipstick in the colour mama. It’s a pretty pumpkin spice shade that I own nothing similar of so it’s working for its keep.



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