Perfume picks

I wear perfume everyday and my taste in perfume varies depending on what I feel like wearing. I like sweet, cool and fresh and a little bit spicy. My grown up girl perfume was when I was in sixth form, the first one I bought myself. I picked up a bottle of Christina Aguilera’s original perfume (£18) in the lace bottle and fell in love. It was sweet and freesia floral without being overpowering, perfect for a girl my age. The only drawback was that it didn’t last for long. A few years ago I replaced it with Marks and Spencer’s belle soirée that smells identical and lasts longer (£15).

I love this Elizabeth Arden perfume, I’m a sucker for green tea and cherry blossom scents and this one is beautifully fresh and sweet (£9). I do have the Body Shop cherry blossom scent as well so that should tell you how much I like this.


Cool Water sea rose is one I bought out of interest along with the Elizabeth Arden perfume on yesstyle. I used to like Cool Water but I love this sweet fresh scent with a tinge of rose so much more.


Pure Blush from New Look (£8) is a new favourite of mine from about a year ago. It took a while to get used to it as it’s more rose influenced than I usually like so it can come across as a little heavy at first but it fades really nicely into something lighter and sweeter.


CK Eternity (£28) was given to me years ago by a friend and I wasn’t sure of it at first. But it grew on me and while it is the one I use the least, it is handy for a blast of warm sandalwood spicy almost unisex scent. My sister sneaks a spritz every so often so it’s a keeper.


My ultimate favourite perfume is Thierry Mugler’s Womanity (£45). A few years ago my mum and I grabbed a tester and sniffed it for a while, trying to figure out what was so captivating about it. We weren’t sure if we liked it or not. But for two days after I still smelt the perfume on my skin and the overpowering opulent scent that first assailed my nose had mellowed into  something sweet and fresh, cooler than before and with a hint of spice. Sold. We got a bottle and shared it. It’s now gained a permanent residency on my dressing table as the QUEEN OF PERFUMES. It is small but mighty. OBSESSED.


Next on my hit list, YSL Mon Paris (£55). Been sniffing it every time I go into Boots for a while and I love the  sweet flirty scent.  It’s taken me years to really like another perfume but this will be my next purchase.

Are you a perfume addict like me? What are your favourite scents to wear?


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