Korean fashion

I love Korean fashion and buy from Yesstyle.co.uk the most out of any fashion retailer.  It is rather a cute and sweet style and I run the danger of looking like a 12 year old cupcake so I mix and match to make sure it’s not looking too juvenile. The cute clothes I own are a mix of charity shop, Yesstyle, vintage, self made and swapping.

I can’t look anything other than sickly sweet in these dresses but as I don’t wear them often I think they are fun to wear.


I made the teddy bear picnic top which is normally even too sweet for me but just for this top, I find it charming. The mint green scalloped top is from a swap and it’s ridiculously cute.


These jumpers are just the thing to wear some cute in a practical way. I get compliments on these all the time.


This playsuit is pretty 90s and it’s really cute especially as its shorts that looks like a dress. Plus gingham and daisy print, what’s not to love?


Ok gingham and florals. I knew we just went over this but I cannot resist them. These pairs of trousers fulfill my cute criteria.




4 thoughts on “Korean fashion

  1. These are all great pieces. I was at our local thrift shop this week and found a few cute pieces, namely a short kimono. It looked pretty cute when I tried it on but I had to leave it behind when I saw the price tag. It was over 20$ which seemed crazy to me.

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  2. Oops I posted too quickly! So I have a question for you! How do you estimate the value of a piece? Or, do you have thresholds for various types of clothing?


    1. A huge part of that is cost per wear. I wrote a post on that here https://retrocasual.wordpress.com/2015/07/29/cost-per-wear/ and for a charity shop or second hand I check the type of cleaning needed, any wear and tear, things like that. Sometimes I do buy a £3 item that i don’t wear often but I do really like. Sometimes I buy a £3 item that I’ll alter into something else so I paid for a tiny amount for a piece of material which is worth it if it works out

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