Recent buys

I know I swore off shopping for a while but a few bargains happened in early January and who am I to refuse those?

As usual I got lured into one of my favourite charity shops (All Aboard) and found this red kimono. As if I’m going to pass that up for £3. I know I have a short one but I don’t have a long one and obviously I need both so just shut up.


Having decluttered my wardrobe and given away some stuff that had been there for years that I wasn’t wearing anymore but had previously loved to distraction, I didn’t expect to come across this fleecy bomber jacket in Select but for £8 to replace the two jackets I’d given away, I think it was worth getting. I’ve worn it twice a week since then so it’s earned its keep.


This was a total impulse buy, I got stuck on this silver bodysuit and came back to it in the end. For the surprise till price of £3 I just couldn’t resist, especially when I know I have a pair of burgundy trousers it goes very well with. I couldn’t wait to wear this outfit and of course I was massively overdressed for the cinema in London but who cares. I knew I was wearing a great outfit and that’s all that matters.



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