Swap stuff

Last month I started going out to swaps again and lo behold, new things happened:

Once again I’m late to the party. The underwear as outerwear trend has passed me by and if you’ve seen my Bridget Jones underwear you’d know that sexy is the least of my concerns. But this lingerie style kimono would be great over a casual outfit. As if I need any more excuse to get another kimono.


This sparkly red knit. As if I can resist something sparkly. There’s been a lot of that lately. Maybe my next Christmas outfit?


You might have seen this coming. Another pair of polka dot trousers. Cropped style but on my hobbit height it’s full length. BUT IT’S MORE POLKA DOT. That’s all that matters. Of course I grabbed it. You couldn’t expect any less of me.



4 thoughts on “Swap stuff

  1. I really love kiminos but I’m so short that I know I’d look like a total idiot wearing one. :/ Also, I’m so insanely jealous of your swaps. Where we used to live I’d get invited to a few a year and it was so much fun because there were so many cool pieces to be found.


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