In defence of kawaii

As someone who is attracted to kawaii things in moderation, I can tell you that I find kawaii items whimsical and it gives me a little bit of magic into my life. For example, I am not attracted to the mint green plastic hair bow clips but I understand why someone would be. I love practical items that are prettied up. I wear a rucksack everyday and for me it needs to be practical; waterproof, have a mechanism that is a deterrent to thieves in a crowd and big enough to put loads of stuff in. Likewise my thermos has to be cute. I don’t want a plain boring one, I want one I love to pick up in my morning and make my way to work like a grown up. Something kawaii to brighten up my day and I can sip from it whenever and have that thrill of having pretty things along with the practical. It’s double the use to me because it ticks all the boxes. Does it motivate me to go to work in the morning? Sure. It’s a little piece of sparkle to brighten up a potentially dull day. This is the fun of kawaii. I love it and enjoy it so much. Gone are the dull days!



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