Christmas sparkle

I never really get anything new for Christmas as I don’t celebrate but we do have a family lunch and in place of a Christmas jumper (which none of us actually wear) I like to wear something sparkly. Recently I accompanied friends to Westfield shopping centre and came back with some unintentional sparkly things. All in all I spent £30 which is pretty good:

This bronze orange sparkly thin knit dress (Next). It’s orange, it’s sparkly, how do you think I could resist it? Well I did. For an hour. Then I went back and tried it on and it was unanimous decision, it had to be mine. Some polka dot tights underneath and I’m sorted. Easiest casual occasion outfit ever.


This purchase was a pleasant surprise, I’d been looking for body shimmer for years in an attempt to create my 90s youth and found a few types in the Body Shop. I’d originally gone for a berry perfume spray with glitter in which was delightful but then the retail assistant used this diffuser to decorate the wrapping and I was hooked. I decided on the pink sparkle and exchanged for it. It did explode a bit when I took it out of my bag so I’m down some sparkle but there’s plenty left and it’s refillable which is part of the appeal. And which retro lover wouldn’t like a perfume diffuser bottle on their dressing table?



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