Black Friday

I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything in the Black Friday weekend. Of course I failed in that mission but I like to think that I didn’t go crazy. I did have a day out that day (the first one since the operation) and ended up in New Look where after some internal struggle ended up buying a deep raspberry pink nail polish and a brown lipstick in the shade americano (looks like I’ve dived headfirst into a bar of chocolate). I didn’t mean to but it happened and no sanity was lost. However, I did remember that I needed an occasion bag for the various weddings that I’ll be attending over the next year and decided to peruse the options. I only own a big floral rucksack and a few tote bags so I was severely lacking. I’m just not a bag person so this didn’t excite me much. There wasn’t a lot of variety and I did think the one I picked (heavily influenced by my friends) was quite ugly when I saw it but it was the least ugly of all of the ones I saw so in the end it came home with me for the princely sum of £16. I don’t really like the chain strap or the quilting type detail on it but it’s surprisingly spacious, looks dainty enough for the occasion and will go with everything. It’s growing on me.


Now I naively thought this would be the end of my shopping and knew that I had to avoid online as I stayed in the whole weekend. But oh no, the universe had other plans for me. Piia from Bowtie Diary instagrammed her London outfit and I saw the most perfect jumper for me (from Joanieclothing). In the form of lipstick. How can I resist? So I got it.


I then gave myself a ban on clothes shopping but I did end up buying one last thing, a piece of unique jersey to make another top from. Which is technically not clothing yet. When I make it, it’ll be up on here. All in all I spent under £50 which is pretty good for the budget but not so good for my conviction not to spend so much.


2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. I went crazy on black friday too, but I mostly bought things I’ve wanted for a long time and waited for the sale 🙂 The jumper ist super cute, I know that feeling when you see something on Instagram and just have to get it!

    And thank you for your nice comments, enjoyed reading each and every one of them 🙂

    Malin | Spark&Bark


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