The warm colours

I notice that I’m quite in the minority when it comes to colour preference. Blue is the most popular favourite colour in the world and most people tend to stick to black and grey and tend to prefer the cooler colours like blue and green. I’m the opposite, I need warm colours to make me happy and wear variations on red, yellow and orange for the most part. I also combine more than one of them in lots of outfits which some people have commented was a bit too much for them to wear themselves. I say it’s all about finding the right shades of the colours to put together. Here is my guide:

This pale mustard and pale orange works wonderfully well together as a lighter combination.


This cinnamon coloured dress and pale yellow scarf are delightful together.


The saffron coloured shirt is a another shade that works well with cinnamon colour.


Onto bright orange and pale yellow which is my least worn combination. I think it’s the one that people hesitate most about when they critique my outfit.


Bright red and bright mustard is a nice combination, think of hot dog condiments. Keep the yellow away from lemon and onto other shades and you could get away with it without evoking Ronald McDonald.



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