Red thrifts

It hasn’t escaped my notice that most of my recent thrifts have been red. I have also bought a few more red tops but I have no wish to be cured of the addiction of my favourite colour. Here are the thrifts I’m keeping:

This floral shirt dress. I do need to wear tights underneath as it’s quite short with side splits but I’ve got a nice yellow belt to go with it and it’ll make a change from my usual dresses.


Another kimono jacket. I KNOW, I HAVE A PROBLEM. I picked it up from the swap rail and put it back down again. I don’t need another jacket I told myself. Have you noticed I’ve been saying that in my last 5 thrift posts? But I never learn and at the last minute it went into my pile. I like it, I will always have a use for a red jacket and that’s all that matters.


I picked up this vintage cinnamon coloured dress on impulse at Camden market recently. It was £10 on sale and I immediately coveted it. It has the look of an 80s does 40s style to it and of course it was far too long for me. So I shortened the sleeves and hemmed up the skirt and it’s as good as new.



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