Invention time

I’ve been doing some alterations and inventions in my now free time. I got this sheer dress from my first vintage sale and never had a chance to wear it. It is an occasion item and I’ve not had one of those in a long time so I was waiting for a chance. However I did realise that there might not be an occasion for it for quite a while seeing as I won’t be going out much in the near future and it is a bit over the top. I was determined to save it though so I ditched the black dress I had found for it and focused on changing it to a glitzy kimono. I cut down the middle and hemmed the sides (none too neatly but then the material was rather fiddly). I now have myself something fabulous that I can wear with plain clothes.


I then hunted around for something else I could alter (like I need more jackets) and found this beautiful petrol blue green mini dress that I got from a charity shop. I wore it twice (shame on me) and put it up for sale on Vinted but no interest. I still love it so I did another cut and hem job. I’m a sucker for fancy sleeves.


And then I was on a roll. I got this delicate purple 80s wrap dress, label hanging off from a swap and it was too small for me to wear so I snipped off the shoulder pads, gutted the front and once again made it into a fancy jacket. It’s quite discoloured and very delicate and won’t do up but I’m still happy with it.


My next invention was to make an umbrella skirt. I bought an umbrella from the pound shop and of course it broke on the first outing. My friend suggested to save it to make something out of so I took it back home and thought about what I could make. There is a reason why the material is called a skirt…So with the help of two umbrellas, I then detached the skirt from the skeleton, cut out a hole for the waist, cut down a side of each and sewed it all together. Then I made an underskirt by cutting around the original skirt shape in this lovely saffron colour which I did intend for a top. But I thought it reminded me of those 50s style poodle petticoat skirts from Grease and the transparent layer on top would be highlighted by the colour. So I sewed the pieces together and made the skirt. I then tried to elasticate it but I didn’t take into account the measurement as it ended up as 4 inches too small for me around the waist. So I cut halfway down to one side and sewed in a zip. As always the waistband is incredibly messy which I had intended to disguise with the elastic but to no avail. I’m still really happy with it and quite proud of myself.


And all because I’m a sucker for this print. How can you not love it?



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