Autumn wears

Back when I started this blog, I’d already written a post on what I like to wear for Autumn. I can’t say that this list has changed. Most bloggers claim to love Autumn the best, some of them much prefer Summer but these seasons are the popular choice in the blog world. I have to admit that I feel the heat easily and while I love sunny Summer mornings and long light evenings the best, anything over 16 degrees Celsius is potentially trying to kill me. I do love crisp cool Autumn mornings and evenings too but ultimately Autumn wins out simply because I’m the most comfortable dressing for it. I’m so bad at dressing for the heat because it involves less amount of coverage which I’m very self conscious about. So I wear things in cold weather that people would reserve for Summer. I’m much happier wearing cute dresses with jumpers and tights then than in Summer where I’ll put on 3/4 leggings to wear underneath skirts because I don’t like my legs/thighs. Added to what is on the previous list (you can’t tear me away from my yellow polka dot lady jumper), here are some of my favourites I’ll be wearing for Autumn:


This button up skirt has been worn several times now. I got it in a recent swap and immediately put it to work. It’s a lovely orangey red, a little faded but still with a lot of life left in it.


This heart print fuzzy top from a charity shop. With all of my new red skirts and trousers, this will be worn much more often than before.


This lovely woolly yellow top (it’s the colour of butter but looks a bit paler here) I got on Vinted a couple of years ago, along with a knitted top in the same colour. Sadly the other top got ruined by some evil rogue blue streaks in the wash but I managed to save this one and it is perfect for brightening up the cold seasons.


This orange dress has been featured before, it’s another item that I love and have been wearing a lot since I got it. It’s just perfect for the colder seasons with the colour and material.


This balloon sleeve top is a odd choice for me. In an aubergine shade as well, this is not something I’d normally wear. It’s one of the trickiest items to style that I have, I want to wear it with something other than jeans now.


These are quite a surprise. Kind of. I can never resist gingham trousers. But gingham jeans? IN TOPSHOP? That’s the real surprise. I was firmly convinced that Topshop had nothing for me. I saw them on the sale rack after venturing into there for all of twice in my life and found these gingham mum jeans with no price on. Tried them on anyway thinking they wouldn’t fit but hello, they did. Upon enquiry at the till it was £7. Bargain. They had to be mine. They go with pretty much every top I own, both monochrome pattern and bright colours. Perfect.


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