Wearing to work

I’m nearly at the end of my work capsule wardrobe so you can breathe a sigh of relief you won’t have to see a lot of these items for a while. I’m breathing a sigh of relief at this, I’m really bored of all of this stuff. I’ve been in the comfortable trouser department for so long I’ve forgotten what tight jeans look like. In a month I will have another foot operation which will make dressing rather boring for the rest of the year. Not going out and wearing one trainer and a velcro boot makes for great content. Here we are:



I cut this skirt out of a dress (because I can never resist daisies) and wore it with another daisy print item. People loved the skirt. Too much daisy? Don’t care.



Back to one of my favourite t-shirts, hello again Little My. Went with the navy floral trousers this time.



A pair of polka dot lounge pants and a self made top, topped off with a burnt orange shirt was my outfit of choice.



Who says orange and red can’t mix? I wore this combination with a striped top to tie it all in together.



Hands down one of my favourite outfits ever. I’m not joking. I’m itching to wear this striped kimono top with my Hell Bunny polka dot capris. This entire outfit is from Yesstyle which is a bit boring but it’s just such a great outfit, I got lots of compliments on it. I’ll be repeating this outfit until it falls apart.


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