Orange workday week

This weekend I was supposed to go to a swap and the vintage sale but I’ve been ill so I sadly missed out on all of the clothes. So I’ll post up what I wore this week instead in absence of new thrifts (warning, orange everyday. Totally unintentional):



Love my new swap skirt, been wearing it several times already, each with a striped top and polka dot leggings, I’ll be a bit more inventive at some point but I do love this combination.



Back to this orange dress. I pulled a floral cardigan over the top and fastened it with a brooch to nip in the waist. Can’t find that but it’ll turn up at some point.



Finally found a pair of cinnamon coloured trousers at Traid, the charity shop next door to work. Illumintea is now ready to be worn.



This bright orange t-shirt brightens up everything. Paired with these polka dot trousers (Uniqlo), it’s a winning combination.



My vintage playsuit that looks like a dress was what I fancied wearing on Friday, as pretty much always, worn with an orange coverup. I do sometimes wear it with a red or yellow coverup but as my only brown piece of clothing, I just think that it works too splendidly with burnt orange.


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