Weekly wardrobe

I had an unusually girly week at work recently recently, pulling out some skirts and dresses for the first time in forever. Probably because I always think they don’t go with trainers but I’ve been wearing them anyway and I have to admit, it can work better than I thought it would.



This ridiculously girly dress bought on a whim from the Topshop vintage range (can I ever resist yellow and daisies? No) used to be the kind of thing I wore all the time. Now I have a couple of those dresses left and while my taste has changed, I still have a desire to wear them from time to time. Now I like wearing them even more because I’m not wearing them all the time like I used to. I wore it with a cold shoulder top.



These lounge pants from Uniqlo are ideal for working in a warehouse, so loose and comfy. I love the floral pattern of course which I why I got them and wore it with a red floral scalloped top from Vinted.



A Little My day that day and could I resist pairing the t-shirt with daisy print? Nope.



I dug out this wool skirt a bit too early, I admit. But I wanted to wear my mehmaid t-shirt again.



This skirt was made from a dress and I love it but haven’t worn it in such a long time. I took pity on it recently and tried it on with a variety of tops but in the last minute settled on this one even though the colours don’t quite compliment each other I think.But I’m ok with that once in a while.


2 thoughts on “Weekly wardrobe

    1. Didn’t realise. They are actually yellow. Thank you for your suggestion but I feel like the colours don’t go well together. I’m REALLY picky about colours 😛


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