Vintage sale stuff

Recently I went to a long overdue visit to the East end vintage clothing sale and spent £12 on these lovely items:


Ok I know. LIKE I NEED ANOTHER JACKET. I discussed this earlier. But dammit this one has polka dots and my friend told me it looked good. It does actually fit and I don’t have one and and AND POLKA DOTS. That’s it really. I needed it. For £1. How could I pass it up? I couldn’t and I refused to.


I have one of these already. But I don’t have enough cold shoulder tops. It’s just coincidence that this one is striped as well. And for £1.


Why do I keep looking at this farmgirl trend? Why? I just don’t know. It’s baggy and probably unflattering and somehow I just like it. I also know I will look 12 in it. So why do I keep looking at it? Because I’m crazy. This time I bought it and for such a low price I thought it would be ok if I decided I didn’t like it after a single wear. My main like is that the shorts are just above the knee. Short shorts look awful on me as I realised after Uni. I tried it and I like the look on other people but it’s just not flattering on me. I also hate my bare legs. So these loose long shorts look like I can cautiously wear shorts in Summer and not feel so self conscious.


I love these. I saw a few versions of it and the other one that I liked was several sizes too big so I had to sadly let it go. But this pair is only two sizes too big so I got it and am planning to take it in. They are the most glorious high waisted Annie Hall style trousers and I felt like I must have them. I must do a good job altering these because they are excellent and must be worn.


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