Lipstick wardrobe

I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many lipsticks. Or at least I can never have too many. I wear a different lipstick every day and consider it a part of my outfit. I have enough to wear a different one to last for a month.

I don’t follow seasonal colour trends; bright red is for everyday and not just wasted on waiting until Christmas, bright pink can be worn in Winter to brighten up an outfit and burgundy should be worn with any Summer outfit you like. I love mixing it up and wearing a different one each day, it just depends on what I feel like.

In the last year as mentioned here, I’ve been branching out and found myself interested in shades I wouldn’t have normally considered which is quite a feat. I’ve just purged the mess in my makeup box but this is what I have for now. All Korean brands are bought from the site Yesstyle and most of the rest have been bought either on Amazon, online at Boots (NYX) or in Superdrug and Boots shops. A couple have been given to me as presents (I’m the only person in the world that dislikes MAC lipsticks. Far too dry).

Here is my current lipstick wardrobe:


Marilyn is the keeper of the keys.


The cave of wonders is split into non lipstick side and lipstick side. The other side consists of fake tattoos, lip scrub, concealer and brushes, eyeshadows, eyebrow gel and lip liners.

Bright reds


L – R: NYX Black Label in Snow White, Sephora in 01, Etude House in NKP, NYX Black Label in Garnet, Etude House in E80, Kate Moss in 07

First up is my trusty and long loved bright red section. I was longing to wear this colour for years, ever since I saw pictures of women from the 40s until I got my hands on a tube at Uni. It’s also the colour that people get me when they get me a lipstick for a present, cleverly knowing that it’s a colour I will never refuse. The now extinct NYX black label lipstick in garnet was my first go-to lipstick. The Sephora one is one of the best formulas I own and I relied very well on Kate Moss in 07 for a long time.



L – R: Etude House Rosy tint lips, Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk 44221, Burt’s Bees in rhubarb, Kiko in 05, NYX soft matte lip cream in San Paulo, The Face Shop in lady wine

My favourite kind of pink is a deep bright pink. If that sounds like an oxymoron, think a dark cranberry/raspberry coloured pink. I’ve grown to love a bold pink shade but I’m very picky, not any old fuchsia will be picked up. My favourite of the lot is the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk, it’s the perfect deep bright pink although the rich cranberry shade of Etude House Rosy tint lips is a fantastic darker alternative.



L – R: NYX suede in cherry skies, NYX high voltage in burlesque, NARS audacious in Audrey, W7 in chestnut

Burgundy has been a shade I’ve been fixated on for almost as long as bright red. The now extinct W7 in chestnut was a go-to shade at Uni and like my former staple red, was repurchased on Amazon. It’s been knocked off the top spot recently by my latest favourite, NYX suede lipstick in cherry skies. Also to watch is NARS Audrey which is a gorgeous redcurrant shade. Recently I’ve been wearing these dark vampy shades more than my usual red and I can’t get enough of them.



L – R: Gerard Cosmetics in 1995, NYX lingerie in exotic, NYX soft matte lip cream in Cannes

Now this is a section I never thought I’d have. Up until a couple of years ago, I never wore nude lipstick. Nudes are not only the most difficult to match but are just too muted for me. I admit that I don’t wear this shade too often because I feel a bit plain but I do have many that I mix in with other colours. A few months ago I found the NYX lingerie lipstick and gave nude a proper try. I cautiously ordered a few knowing that it was likely to not turn out well. Disappointingly almost none looked good on me except for exotic and now I really am hooked on this shade, it’s a beautiful rust brown and the only nude I need.



L – R: Colourpop in chilly chilli, Kiko in 709

My mum always wore spice brown shades and in the past year I’ve begun to test them out, finding them to be a bold choice for a muted shade. Not going to lie, what swung it for me for this Kiko lipstick was the cool pop tube but of course, the colour had to be perfect as well and it is. It’s a lovely chestnut colour.

Orange reds


L – R: NARS in Olivia,  NYX high voltage in rock star, NARS in Leslie, Milani in loved

This is a brand new colour interest for me, hot on the heels of berry/grape. I was binge watching Tattoo Fixers recently and both of the female tattooists wore different shades of red lipstick. Lou wore blue red and Alice wore orange red. I’ve always shunned orange red after mistaking it for coral but after seeing it around, I wanted to try it out. I delved back into Youtube where I found swatches of all of these lipsticks and bought in rapid succession. Nars Olivia and Leslie seems very similar but I bought both in the end because Olivia is cinnamon and Leslie has a terracotta touch to it. Both very necessary to own, obviously.



L – R: NYX suede in vintage, NYX soft matte lip cream in Rome, Rosie for Autograph in silk rose, MUA in marsala, Collection lip butter in perfect plum, Barry M in 171, Colourpop in tulle, Charlotte Tilbury in night crimson

I’ve been way too late onto the trend train on berry lips, only discovered the possibilities this year. I’ve made room for grape shades though after developing a sudden longing for something a little different. The Ribena stain look is appealing to me at the moment. The MUA in marsala is stunning but a standout is the Collection lipstick, it’s like a Clinique chubby stick but a fraction of the price with a much better colour payoff. The Charlotte Tilbury in night crimson is a Gothic shade that gets used more often than I thought it would. The richest one is Barry M in 171 in an unusual fuchsia purple and has a fantastic formula to match. Colourpop’s tulle is one of my latest favourites, it’s just so vampy while the Rosie for Autograph in silk rose is the loveliest mauve pink.


3 thoughts on “Lipstick wardrobe

  1. Lovely post! Trying to grow my lipstick collection currently and found this very helpful. Do you recommend Colour Pop? I’m based in the UK and recently saw that it can be purchased from houseofbeauty so I’m considering trying it out. Any advice? Thank you x


    1. Yes! Try out colourpop. The matte ones last for hours and the satin ones are transferable but a bit more moistorising. I bought some from recently which was a bit quicker so try there instead. I’ve since purchased the satin one in frick n frack which I really recommend. I’ve gotten a few more lipsticks since which I may feature on another post. Glad you found it useful, anything for fellow lipstick lovers!


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