This is now me

I don’t dress the way I used to any more.

I used to be known as the girl who wears a dress every day, the one who would wear sweet prints, tight clothes and repro vintage style dresses.

I still do, just not as much as I used to. I’ve modified my wardrobe to suit my job and lifestyle. I’m now dressing for the life I have rather than the life I want and I’m not interested in dressing up like a doll any more. More importantly the way I dress now feels like me. If possible, it feels even more me than before. Recently I’ve been observing a few bloggers who have documented their style changes and some of them who have felt guilty and confused about naturally changing their style as the years go by. I thought that would include me but after some initial regret at leaving my old style behind, I’m happy to have a change. I did worry that it would become boring and minimalist but by throwing out the fussy detailing and frill and substituting it with simple silhouettes in bold colours and patterns, my style has become a bit more grown up without sacrificing the fun that I like. While I now love the concept of wearing comfortable fuss free clothes, I feel like most of the content in that category tend to be boring block neutrals and mumsy items (same problem with the capsule wardrobe that I touched upon last year). I stumbled upon the answer by accident and I’m been refining it ever since:

  • I’ve always gravitated towards flowers but I now prefer darker florals which breaks up the cutesy effect. Black and grey florals are much prettier than I realised. For colour, I’ll always love daisies and sunflowers but against a black or navy background, it looks less messy and childish and goes with any colour top I want to pair with it.
  • I now consider my style to be retro casual. No more top to toe vintage style outfits and no more trying to copy a Collectif pinup, now I take a particular piece and wear it with modern pieces to make it my own.
  • Right now, for the most part I’m living in loose patterned trousers. I still love my tight high waisted jeans but for work the loose trousers win. I used to think patterned trousers looked too Andy Pandy but now I can’t imagine life without them.
  • Pattern mixing. I used to avoid it like the plague and now I love it. I co-ordinate it by pairing a neutral colour pattern with a colourful pattern so I can go crazy on the pattern without the colour clash.
  • Instead of buying countless repro vintage dresses and skirts for a lifestyle I don’t have, I’m getting every day items like retro style jeans instead and pairing it with patterned and colourful t-shirts and tops for a fuss free look with maximum impact.
  • My interest in colours hasn’t waned but now I like to wear only the ones I love the most. I’m wearing a lot more blue in the form of pattern as a neutral and that goes with all of the colours I like to wear. Burgundy/bright red and pale/bright mustard yellow are my favourite colours and I’m partial to emerald/mint green, burnt orange and teal/turquoise.
  • I’ve been a lipstick lover for years and keep adding to my stash but up until a year ago I stuck to true reds, burgundy and medium pinks. Now I’ve expanded to orange reds, grape, raisin, spice browns, nude browns, pinky browns, dark deep pinks and bright pinks as well. I’m getting comfortable with other shades and colours and love choosing a different lipstick every day to go with my outfit.

As I get older I’m letting go of most of the girly styles like Peter Pan collars, ruffles, pinafore dresses etc. I’m not attracted to them so much anymore and I don’t even miss it so if I do get something like that every few years, I’ll like it more because I don’t have lots of it. I’m still devoted to heart print and daisy print but by switching these cute patterns to darker colours/darker coloured backgrounds in the form of trousers and wearing colourful tops, I can still wear them and not look like a cupcake. In conclusion, I’ve naturally outgrown the liking to wear most of the cutesy things and vintage things even though I still love seeing them on other people. I own a few items them still but they are not my staple any more. And that’s OK.



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