Hyper Japan t-shirt fest

Every time I go Hyper Japan I do as follows: buy loads of confectionery, exclaim over the bubble tea and then remember that matcha ice cream is much rarer and get that instead (it’s not like I go without bubble tea considering how much I live in China Town), dither over t-shirts, end up buying socks instead and spend about half an hour umming over various pieces of artwork and posters. Add trawling the Doki tableware stall and always buying a bowl from them. This excursion was no exception only this time I actually ended up buying 3 t-shirts and no socks this time. Behold my new beauties:


Calling at the cakes with faces stall, the mehmaid t-shirt caught my eye immediately and I had to have it. The Illuminatea t-shirt was one I really liked but I wasn’t sure on the colour, it not going with anything I own. After some serious ummming I went with it but now this throws up a dilemma that must be solved…I need to find a shade of trouser to go with it. Thinking cinnamon/rust colour. Moving on, I found this Japanese school girl t-shirt on another stall and fell for it. It’s got lipstick, a fluffy furry creature and a pretty girl on it so it must be mine. I came back to collect all of these beauties as to be sensible and really think it over and nearly missed some in my size but luckily they all fit to varying degrees.


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