Hyper Japan outfit

It was Hyper Japan time last Sunday and I was struggling what to wear seeing as trainers don’t exactly make an outfit look great (I’d really like to wear my Japanese platform boots but maybe next time). So I went simple with a frilly shirt that gets worn very little but has the perfect Japanese Lolita vibe and paired it with my new jeans (Asos). 90s style jeans with heart print, what else could I be looking for?


It took me a while to decide on accessories. I don’t normally bother because I’m lazy but I’m trying to switch jewellery a little bit more and wear everything I have. I’m sticking with my flower studs as I don’t have too much in the way of statement earrings. I went in favour of the Kate Gabrielle flapper collar clips, a statement bracelet, a dainty ring I picked up in Sainsburys (even though it looks so vintage and everyone thinks it is so I’ll go with that) and my favoured NYX suede liquid lipstick in cherry skies, one of my ultimate favourite colours. Of course I must have a statement lipstick, especially with such a neutral outfit. It barely transfers which is handy for when I’m gobbling down every treat I can get my hands on and especially for the sake of my lovely white shirt which will be difficult to keep white. There’s a reason as to why I rarely wear white *soysauceandketchupstainsgalore*


How I wore the neckline (accessorised with collar clips and a fake tattoo)



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