Queenie style

Queen Elizabeth’s style stakes have been raised quite high since the beginning. Although she favours a classic style and wears the same kind of thing every time, she still manages to make a style statement. Let’s see how we match up:

  • Bright colours. I’m particularly fond of bright colours although her neon outfit recently just isn’t my thing. She does dabble in pastels quite a bit but something we agree on is that a sunny yellow can always look great. Yay!
  • Brooches. I like brooches even though I’m quite picky about them and she has a lovely little collection of them. It’s a wonderful touch to an outfit. Yay!
  • 2 inch heels. This is where we disagree on. She may be marginally taller but heels are a real struggle for me so I’ll keep the flats thank you very much. Nay!
  • Matchy matchy. Now I’m not the biggest fan of matching shoes and handbags but matching coat and dress as well? Not a look that bodes well for me. Minimal matching is something I can handle. Half point.
  • Hats. I hate wearing hats even though they do look good on other people. No compromise here. Nay!

So I scored 2.5 out of 5. Not bad. I do like having something in common with dear old Queenie though, I like to have a personal style and she does too.


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