T-shirt collection

Everyone else is rolling their eyes at this but for me, I never really wore t-shirts after the age of 16. Now my job requires comfortable clothing and I’m all over the t-shirts.

The Moomin collection. I think it’s no secret that Little My is my favourite character. The first one I got was from the Moomin shop and this one of Moominpapa chilling in his hammock reading Agatha Christie tickled me. That was a couple of years ago and recently Uniqlo have brought out a Moomin collection so I had a hard time trying to decide which one to get. So I got a couple, a Little My one as well as a Moomintroll and Little My decorating with floral wallpaper one. Then I found a white t-shirt with Little My peeking out from a pocket (Obasanstore) and couldn’t resist it. Finally I got this yellow t-shirt from Amazon of Little My and her umbrella. That’s enough for now but I can never promise that there won’t be more.


All of these cute t-shirts I got from Yesstyle. I just love casual Korean fashion and I’ve picked some lovely ones I get complimented on at work.


The rest are the swap items, presents from friends or bought from the high street.




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