Work wardrobe


So this week I started a new job working in a record warehouse where I file vinyl, CDs and music equipment, pick and pack for delivery and check stock. I get a scanning pager as well. I’m happy to be back on my feet and working again but this means my wardrobe has had to reorganised and I’m not very happy about it. I’d perfected my system and now I have to disrupt it. *angryface* So on my largest widest shelf (where previously were all my tops) I’ve put my work clothes, thin, loose comfortable clothes preferably with pockets. Surprisingly it’s quite warm in the warehouse so I can wear Summer tops with kimonos which is great as I don’t often get to wear them. So I’ve piled together the lightest of my tops, plus a few of my dresses, skirts, trousers and kimonos to be worn with trainers and 5 days a week I’ll be selecting an outfit from this shelf only, which leave 3/4 of my wardrobe to be indulged in at the weekends. Time for an actual capsule wardrobe. *shockface* These will be some of my staple pieces for the rest of the year:


I won’t be wearing tight jeans for work because I’m on my feet for 7 hours a day so this pair of loose bootcut jeans work well. I’m planning on getting more loose trousers. Also this pair of summer trousers which hasn’t seen the light of day for a year has been dug out in all of its wrinkly glory and will be worn a lot.


Some of my suitable dresses, loose fitting and comfortable so I don’t need to give up on my large collection.


Some of my favourite tops in the pile. The black floral one (Yesstyle) is actually a dress but it’s just too short for me so it’ll make a nice top layered over trousers. I’m intending to make an array of more tank tops like the patchwork teddy bear picnic one and the coffee pocket t-shirt (Yesstyle) is such a cute alternative to the usual boring offering on the high street. I’ve got about 3 t-shirts so I’m looking out for more in the swaps and for a bundle of cute ones on Yesstyle. Nothing bores me more than a plain t-shirt. I will order some Moomin t-shirts when I get my first salary. I’m getting gingham and polka dot cotton from my local haberdashers and scouring Etsy for some materials I can order a metre of to make more tops with. Florals, hearts, Alice in Wonderland print and novelty quirky cottons are what I’m after.


I wouldn’t normally wear this to work but this playsuit is made of pyjama material, very loose and cosy. It’s also a size too big which makes it even more comfy, if a bit slouchy. With a kimono on top and tights/leggings underneath, this’ll be great to wear. I’ve bought some jersey material and am intending to try to make a couple of jumpsuits just for work. I’ve never made one so I’m just going to wing it and see what happens.


Most of my skirts are either too tight or too 50’s pouffy so only this one made it into my work wardrobe. It’s my shortest skirt (TKMaxx) but it comes to just above my knees so it’s not unsuitable. It’s stretchy and so easy to move in.


Kimonos galore. This one (New Look) is one I’ll be wearing a lot.



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