Pantone colours

I’ve never once bothered with Pantone colours. I didn’t even know what they were until a couple of years ago, thanks to the blog world. I’m of the opinion that colour shouldn’t be seasonal and you should wear whatever damn colour you want, whenever you want. But unexpectedly I’ve found myself altering the jumpsuit I got in this swap and finding myself actually embellishing it with the Pantone colours. To explain, the jumpsuit came to me full of stains that no amount of Vanish and Dylon could rub out. So I was reluctantly forced to alter it. The sleeves were so bad that I had to chop almost all of it off *sob* and the waistband was so stained that even a belt (as styled previously) couldn’t cover it entirely. So I sewed some pinkish nude lace around it and ironed on some sunflower patches bought from the lovely Jennie Maizels to cover up some of the worst of it. Not only that but I ended up having to chop off the legs and make it a top. I’m really annoyed about it but I’ve still managed to salvage it even though the rare occurrence of a jumpsuit actually fitting me had to be bypassed because of stains.



One thought on “Pantone colours

  1. That’s a fun project you undertook!
    and you’re right, you should always be able to where whatever you want..colours etc..regardless of the season,
    but that’s the fun thing with fashion. Sometimes there are rules, but those rules are meant to be broken also 🙂 a funny world.
    Ps, I’ve also nominated you for a Liebster award 🙂


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