Teddy bear picnic

I’ve seen this material in the haberdashers for ages and can’t work out why I’m attracted to it. I’ve mainly left the kitschy cutesy prints behind (and have only added one to my wardrobe recently) but this nursery curtain material was calling to me. So I bought a metre and whipped up a tank top using my trusty shift dress pattern from Sewoverit. Obviously I made it the bare basic with no collar or anything remotely polished but I liked it so much, I wore it the next day. I foresee a lot of home made tank tops in my future Summers. I’m not a teddy bear picnic person but sometimes you’ve just got to make an exception.



2 thoughts on “Teddy bear picnic

    1. Yes, I took a few classes and learned how to sew basic things. I don’t have much patience myself and a short attention span so all of my stuff is really basic, just cutting a pattern, sewing it together and hemming it. No pockets, details, collars or anything, I’m just so lazy 😛 but if you’re interested, definitely invest in a basics sewing course, it’s a fun hobby and you can stop and start whenever you like on a garment


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