Thrifty goodies

So now I’m back in the swing of swishing again, I’ll do a feature where I pick out my favourite bits and pieces from each swap. I do like watching hauls on YouTube but most of them tend to be along the lines of ‘this is what I spent at ASOS for £200’ and then they come up with a plethora of boring basics and striped garments. I’ve switched over to thrift hauls which are always unpredictable and usually feature more unique items. So I’ll be doing that with my favourite swap items from each haul. On Saturday I got these gems:


This ridiculously kitschy patchwork dress is perfect for summer. It’s got pockets (no idea why I like that, I never use them) and it’s a casual 50s sundress style that will always delight me.


I took a chance on this owl jumper even though forest green is not my favourite.


It’s been a very long time since I acquired a floral dress. I’ve not been wearing them lately as I think most of them look ridiculous with trainers and I hadn’t got many dresses in swaps last year either. I’ve committed myself to not getting as many dresses as I used to, am trying out separates for a while and it’s going well but every so often I know I’ll sneak in another dress.


This one is a decidedly odd decision. I HATE polo necks. I really do. I look like a stuffed sausage in them. But just as I was leaving, a lady came into the swap and took out this glorious knitted red jumper. Now it had halfway sold me as it was red (which doesn’t take much to convince me) but then she mentioned that it had been knitted by her friends mum in the 60s. VINTAGE ALERT! I grabbed it politely off of her and cuddled it for a bit. I’m sentimental that way. I decided it had to come home with me and so it did. I’m going to be the cosiest most vintage-y stuffed sausage there ever was.


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