New thrifts

I finally got to go to a swap for the first time in months and got some good things. I’ve never been one for striped tops but I picked up several of them there. It was like a striped top jumble sale. I’m featuring my favourite one.

Enter the cliché Paris t-shirt. I laughed at it for a bit but when nobody snapped it up I took pity on it. I may have laughed too soon because it’s serving me well.


In this picture I’ve paired with these trousers. Passed by a charity shop yesterday to kill time before an appointment and fell straight into the trouser racks. I found a few pairs of pyjama things but what thrilled me most was this pair of gingham capri trousers for £3. I had to have it.


Also this zip up utility jumpsuit in a lovely pale blue. Not what I’m used to as light colours always find a way of making me curse eating soy sauce noodles and I’ll have to work hard to keep this pristine but paired with my yellow belt, it makes a pretty snappy outfit. The label says made in America, it’s a size 5 and it’s got shoulder pads. I’m willing to bet it’s late 80s, early 90s. Can’t say no to a bit of vintage.



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