What to wear with trainers

The title will have you thinking DUR, EVERYTHING. But I hate trainers. I REALLY hate trainers. I hate the sporty athletic look or sports luxe or whatever it’s called, I hate sports and active wear and refuse to consider them as everyday clothes and no matter how comfortable trainers are, I’d rather live in flat ankle boots instead which are just as comfortable. Which I normally do. But the only shoe I can wear post surgery is the trainer. So I went hobbling around the shops for a pair and found it once again in Clarks. Black and grey. I just wanted plain black trainers and nowhere could I find such a simple thing, everything had neon stripes or pink laces or something revolting so finding a pair of ones I liked by absolute chance was great. I now had to decide what I was going to wear with it. I don’t like skirts with trainers and hate skinny leg trousers with them, they look frog-like. So I’ve been wearing the same 4 pairs of trousers for ages and I’m so bored of them. Last week I decided to try something new and wear them with skirts. I’m not loving the look but I don’t think I look as silly with them as I thought I would so here are some outfits I’ve been wearing recently:

My Clueless style short skirt (TKMaxx) and dolly girl jumper (Yesstyle). I feel like this is a cooler version of my school uniform (how I hated my uniform).


Another school girl type outfit was this gingham dress (Collectif) accessorised with collar clips (Kate Gabrielle). I never had a yellow gingham school summer dress so I seem to be making up for that.



Back in jeans after so long, a bootcut pair actually look good with trainers. I like flares but often they are too large for me to alter successfully on my tiny height so bootcut is the way forward.


Back to preppy (what is it with me recently?) with a checked pencil skirt (Peacock) and crop jumper (Missguided). I feel like I’m in the 1950s with this look.


Not going to lie, as ugly as I find them, they are very comfortable and needed no breaking in. Looks like the trainers are here to stay now that I’ve devised more outfits to wear them with.


5 thoughts on “What to wear with trainers

  1. I had to click on this post because I struggle so much with this. While I can appreciate that trainers look great on some girls with leggings and a big jumper, when I try to wear the same I just look like I’ve given up. I love the cheerleader/schoolgirl feel of the first outfit you put together. I think that’s definitely the way to go!

    Charlotte x
    Fox Socks


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