Link roundup

Today is all about a few blog posts on the matter of personal style that have stuck with me recently.

  • I love this article from into-mind. It’s all about personal style and how to gradually step out of your comfort zone and be more confident trying new things. We all need a bit of that and I wish I’d tried that earlier.
  • Nemesis Babe, my favourite fashion blogger has a few words to say on the quality of street fashion nowadays, something which I’ve thought for a few years now based on the trend for hyping photography over interesting style on Lookbook, the popular people get featured even with the most boring minimalist expensive outfits but not people with actual style who aren’t sponsored and thrift their garments for a more unique style. The popular people did start out that way and as they got more famous, left it all behind to become essentially a mannequin.
  • Julia is another blogger I love because she writes about real life, however boring it could be. Last week she documented her work outfits to make her week more interesting. She describes her style as a mix of black with a statement garment of ‘isn’t this a bit fun?’ Here is what she wore for work last week. Hands down, Wednesday’s outfit is my favourite.

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