Pretty but practical

Right now I am finishing recovery from a foot operation and am scheduled for another at the end of the year. This limits my choice of shoes drastically and gets costly. However, I am working on building up a store of shoes that will serve me well and I have to get creative when unsupportive shoes are my enemy. In a way, I’ve found  freedom in being limited with shoes, I’m now free not to feel any pressure to wear heels or flimsy sandals. While the range of shoes for post surgery and wide feet is boring at best and ugly at worst, I’m doing well in finding practical footwear that doesn’t scream granny. At the moment I’m limited to trainers but when I can start wearing proper shoes again I can wear whatever I want. Here they are:

I’ve mentioned these boots previously, really they are just a replacement for heels that I can’t wear. Look how glittery!


I do own a pair of heels. These ones. I wore them to my prom. I am content for these to be the only pair I have seeing as they are Clarks and keep very well. I save these for formal occasions.


I got these pair of platform boots on Vinted, originally from an online Japanese site. While technically not pretty, they are ridiculously comfortable and give me height when I want it while still supporting my foot.


Sandals are my particular problem. I can never find nice ones built for wide feet and Clarks didn’t even come to my rescue until now. Look at these beauties. Pricey but so worth it. They’ll go with everything.


This pair of brogues (from Clarks) is my favourite type of shoe. You can’t go wrong with them, they make any outfit look dressed up. This is one type of shoe that usually comes in wide sizes so there’s a pair for everyone.



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