Vintage sale haul

A couple of weekends ago I went to a vintage sale in East London where business seems to be booming. I should go there more often. This time there was a pound sale and I got a couple of useful pyjamas trousers for a pound each (blue checked and orange flowered). I then scanned the £5 racks and came across several beauties but in the changing rooms, my hopes were mainly dashed. Only 2 items fit. But what lovely items they are:

That was the complicated silver floral sheer dress (more on that on another post).


And the waistcoat jumpsuit which I was immediately drawn to because it was something my mum wore in the 90s. Something which I used to make fun of as seriously frumpy but now I tried on for curiosity and it won me over. The sewn in embroidered waistcoat hides my midsection problem area and has a nipped in waist which always helps. The friend that accompanied me hated it on the hanger but actually liked it on me when I put it on which makes it a winner.


Detail of the waistcoat




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